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    Meet the Reiniger Jewelers Team

    Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 1:40 pm by Laine

    Meet the Reiniger Team...As we rapidly approach the holidays we feel that it is important to introduce to you to our team. Now as some of these faces may be familiar others may not be. Each of our store employees wear a multitude of hats between our two locations.

    Click to view more info---- Store owner, Paul Reiniger (center back row) is the face of Reiniger Jewelers. He is a third generation jeweler. While in previous years he's practiced at the bench customizing client's jewelry, he currently manages the store primarily. Upon special requests he does still work on some pieces when need be. You can often find Paul promoting the stores in local Rotary and BNI groups.

    Pictured on each side of Paul are our bench jewelers, Dave L (right) and Dave R (left). Dave L specialized in watches, clocks, and ring sizings. Dave R specializes in our "odd" jobs, such as stone setting, custom design, and and specialty work.

    Center row pictured from left to right are Kelli, Breann, Laine, and Karin. Kelli and Laine are our multi-store associates. Kelli splits her time throughout the week between both stores. Her hats include but are not limited to, sales, social media, vendor/merchandise contacting. Laine spends most of her work week Managing our Waterloo location but visits the Swansea location once a week for business meetings with Paul. Some of her hats include managing Waterloo, sales, graphic design, and website management. Breann is our jeweler in training studying diamond and stone setting outside of our store and along side with Dave R. She also is on our sales team, engraves, and specializes in watches. Karin can usually be found on the sales floor but also specializes in our store appraisals. The office on the left as you enter our Swansea location is where she studies our clients rings for this service.

    Up in front from left to right we have Deanna, Kendra, and Kathy. Deanna has been working along side with Paul for nearly 25 years. Along with being a part of our sales team, Deanna works in the back on accounts payable, engraving, and reordering. Kendra (center) is still new in the business. While being a part of our sales team she manages our inventory by entering all of our merchandise and making sure all products are where they should be. Kathy has been in the jewelry business for over 35 years. Her primary placement in the store in on the sales floor. She helps create beautiful stories in our showcases and makes sure our merchandise is in the correct place optimizing a better shopping experience for you.

    While it may seem like we each have our own spots in the stores, that does not limit us on what we can and do help with.
    We are here for the clients. You are what make our stores a successful business. We are happy to help and serve you in all
    of your jewelry needs and hope that seeing our friendly faces helps you recognize someone different next time you stop in.