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    Something Different

    Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 11:03 am by Administrator


    Feb-15-1.jpegEveryone is looking for something a little different these days, well at Reiniger Jewelers we understand that every piece of jewelry is as 
    unique as the owner. One example of this is the diamond stud. A traditional look is the Round Diamond Stud but in recent years some believe the shape has been replaced with the Princess Cut Diamond Stud. This year however the round and the princess has been shown up by a new contender, Colored Diamond Studs in both round and princess. Blue and Black diamonds have been most popular but they don’t stop there. Any color under the rainbow.


    This Valentines Day we were proud to bring you the new heart line of rings in silver diamonds of every color. The blue, green, yellow, chocolate, black, and white diamonds give you every option under the rainbow. Pick a diamond in her favorite color and present the perfect gift this V-Day.